New Course

The course is intended for everyone who wants to start running training and enjoy the good physical fitness that comes with running.

The training is also suitable for those who want to improve their aerobic capacity and endurance. Is training alone boring and difficult to find motivation? Join our running group!


Trainings take place on Mondays and Wednesdays starting at 19.00 in the beautiful surroundings of Tähtvere, Laululava and Emajõgi.


The first meeting of the eight-time course will take place on May 10, 2021.


Additional information: Early Bird price until 03.05.21 - 30 € Regular price until the end of registration until 07.05.21 - 40 € Payment will be made on the basis of an invoice after the end of registration or when the seats are full! - Link to our event!

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Dear Fitistic Studio client!


We are very pleased to announce that we have completed the LIVE STREAM video training transfer system on our own website !! You will find the "LIVE" button in the menu bar of the website. There will be upcoming broadcasts as well as 72 hours of watched videos.


The site will be accessible to: current package owners (those who do not wish to participate, their packages will be suspended until access to the hall), those who have purchased a video training package (15 €), have unlimited access for 14 days to all live broadcasts and reviews for 72 hours and 1x persons (4 €) who can see the live broadcast on a specific selected date.


The first live broadcast will take place on Thursday, February 25 at 6 p.m.