Grouptrainings (stopped for season 2021-2022)

Do you like to have fun in a pleasant company in your free time? Come to us!
We offer every training enthusiast a daily choice to train in a group! Do you want a relaxing and calm
meditative training of body and mind, or do you prefer energetic and intense sweating? With us, you will
find the right training for you according to your interests and wishes!

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Sporty experience

Do you want memorable entertainment for your party? Be in touch!
We will find a suitable sports experience just for you! Be it a bride or groom night out, an awesome part
of a birthday party or part of a class sports day!

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Do you want to gain professional and specific knowledge? We conduct courses and workshops according
to your needs and wishes! For example, we provide women who have just given birth with a
comprehensive workshop that combines theoretical knowledge and practical experience to support a
conscious (re)start of training!
This is your opportunity to meet and share experiences with people who have similar interests to you!


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Here is an opportunity for the teams to find a challenge to strengthen the team. Body tired of routine
sitting at an office desk? Come and relax with your team by participating in the training of your choice!
Do you want tricks to offer your employees everyday change and exhilaration? We will find training that
meets your job specification and eculiarity, during which we will share relevant knowledge and practical
examples to stimulate the mental and physical health of your staff!


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Additional services


Have you chosen an event or workshop suitable for your group from us? We are pleased to announce that
you have a great opportunity to involve a professional photographer and videographer in capturing your
event! We guarantee you high-quality recordings that will evoke happy memories even after years!
At the same time, those interested in photography have the opportunity to organize basic photography
training with us! Isn't it exciting? Let us know your wish!

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